Good Luck Irani Style

Good Luck Irani Style

Good Luck restaurant Estd. 1935 in Deccan area of Pune, India, is a popular Irani cafe. Sunday morning there was an unending queue for breakfast and I believe it is the same everyday of the week.

Waiting for a table I got so immersed in sketching that I hardly noticed how many people in the line behind me just skipped past me and went ahead to find their seats.

The notices by the management became the focal point of my sketches.


Here one is not assigned a table but only a chair so one can sit anywhere as per your discretion as long as there is an empty chair at a table. This is a great way to make new friends if you choose to or one can just have a meal in solitary comfort, strangers not withstanding.


The service here was faster than at a McDonalds. The service counter had cupboards overflowing with buns with tutti-frutti and a huge vessel full of butter propped up as the buns were slathered generously with butter (maska). Bun Maska chai (tea) seemed the most popular order along with the egg preparations. 


After the meal everyone had to go to the cash counter to pay their bills.The red Coco Cola posters of the 70’s defined the colour of this restaurant and in area populated by vegetarian restaurants this place very firmly declared its non vegetarian stance. The yellow notice in marathi clearly stated that child labour was not employed here.

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